Sunday, January 6, 2013

Uncle Jon comes to visit and a trip to London

 Uncle Jon came out to visit, and 
we had a fun filled, fully packed week.
 We stayed in an apartment in downtown London,
next to the Thames river for the weekend.
 We took the Eurostar through the chunnel. It was quite the ordeal
hopping on the RER train near our home, 
switching trains, and then getting on the eurostar.
Once we got to london, we had to ride the 
subway again to get to our apartment, and then walked around
a little before we found where we were staying. All the time being
mindful of our three children while carrying our luggage
for the weekend. We survived it, and enjoyed our london trip!

 We had a view of St. Paul's Cathedral 
 Enjoying Cereal for dinner :) The apartment was within
walking distance from a bus stop for the tour we signed up for.
Since it was off season we were able to get cheaper
fares and had the pass for both days we were there. The bus
tour was great! We could hop on or hop off anyway we liked 
throughout london. Definitely the way to go with kids or any tourist
for that matter.
 A tunnel by our apartment.

 Here we are enjoying our ride.

 We got to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the 
guards, but it was extremely packed, and we didn't really
get to see that much.
 Here is another snap shot of the crowds. C-R-A-Z-Y1

 A very spectacular view! Definitely a must if you 
are in London on a nice day.

 Enjoying a little snack.  Daniel and I made
sure we got some fish n chips while we were there.
They did not disappoint. 
 We also went to Disneyland Paris with Uncle Jon.
It was his first disneyland experience, and we were
happy to share it with him. 
 This little chocolate place was a very fun experience.
The lady didn't speak much English and Jon could say 
bonjour in French.  Needless to say, his pointer
finger came in handy.
 Here the chocolates are, all prettied up in a nice
 We also did a bus/boat/eat at the Eiffel tower tour while
Jon was here. It was a fun way to see the city.

 Enjoying a bite while over looking the Paris-not a 
bad way to spend an afternoon.
Thanks Jonny for coming out and visiting
us, until next time :)


  1. So, I'm thinking about going to Greece and Turkey for my birthday in May.....maybe I'll stop by and visit for a few hours again!