Thursday, August 23, 2012

My little blondies

 Carson used to be the best sleeper ever!
In bed and asleep by 8, and then we introduced his big boy
bed(plus a move over seas) and it's been a different
story since.  He was supposed to be in bed asleep, but 
apparently he was playing dressup. This kid seriously
cracks me up!
 Carson wanted my help in getting out, but I decided
that it would be a better idea to take some photos, and 
beside he got himself in there, you would think he should
be able to get himself out.
 I do have a binkie boy. He loves his pacifier.
He usually only has it a bed time, nap time, and car 
seat time.  When Owen wakes up for his nap he
frantically searches for his binkie, puts it in his mouth,
and expects to be carted off. To his dismay, I pull it out and throw
it back into the play pen (yes he still sleeps in his play pen) so I
won't loose it.
 Carson has this thing he does..."Hey mom take 
a picture of this, take a picture of this and this and this."
He is such a little goof ball, and I love him for it!

 Matching clothes :)! I know some of you are totally
anti matchy matchy, but I love it. My boys will
probably hate me for it later on, but while they are young
I will have a little fun with them.

Carson loves to touch Owen's head while making this face.
I don't get it, but I'm glad I captured it for posterity sake.

Loire Valley Part 2

 The kids were told sternly by a french man, not 
to play on the trees outside the home of Leonardo Da Vincis.

Leonardo's bed...I wonder what he dreamed about? 
 Don't mind if I do...
 Some of the inventions down in his basement.
 Historians made models of 
several of his inventions for the public to see.
 If you notice under the canon there is a tunnel. It is,
I think, connected to the Amboise Castle. This way
the king and Leonardo could have direct access to 
each other's residents. 

 The gardens
 An early model of the army tank
 The kids using all their might to pull up this rock.

 The playground

This is last picture is of a castle we just drove by, we would
like to visit it on our return.  The Chambord Chateau.

While in Loire Valley, we also had the opportunity
to tour Leonardo Da Vinci's home.   It was very facinating,
the kids loved all of the inventions and the beautiful
garden surrounding the house. 

Loire Valley part 1.

Fuel stop, we have lots to explore.

Inside this chapel is the final resting place of 
Leonardo Da Vinci.
Here is his grave site.

Carson was trying to do a creative

Playing on the castle grounds
France is famous for their PDA, so 
oh la la...i guess;)

Narrow streets on our walk up to 
Leonardo Da Vinci's home.
A home built into the stone wall.
One Weekend we went down to the Loire Valley  with a Daniel's coworker, Ken. It was about 3 hour drive from our home, but well worth it. We saw the Amboise castle, which also has an interesting history. It is the castle where Leonardo Da Vinci's final resting place is. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

photoshop fun

In a previous post, we mentioned our short stay at "the museum"
Even if the apartment wasn't the best environment for living, it
made for a lot of fun photo opportunities.  Also, this is THE elevator that
the luggage got stuck in, and the service man had to be called. 

b-days in Paris

I know that this is post is long overdue, but I 
wanted to share some pictures of our birthday 
celebrations. I then realized the majority of
footage is not photos, but videos. So
here are the few photos that we have to share of our May
The look on Kylee's face says it all.  She thought
the candle would explode, so she was taking all precautions
to avoid the "bomb"
She realized it was safe, but still chose to keep her
distance from the birthday candle and attempted to blow
it out.  We had a very fun birthday for her.
She woke up to a hopscotch made out of tape per her request,
birthday balloons with special notes inside, and a birthday banner.
Then she got to go on a hot and cold hut for her birthday presents throughout the
room. She was very excited also to wear her birthday crown.
Later that day we went out to a nice dinner, and she got to pick out
her birthday dessert.  I can't believe she is 5 now, and that
she will be starting school in the Fall!
Carson's birthday was very similar to Kylees.  He woke up
to a train track made out of tape on the hotel floor per his
request,  birthday balloons with special notes, a hot and cold 
hunt for his birthday presents, and a birthday banner and crown.
We had room service for dinner and the hotel made this cake for him sans
explosive candle...he didn't mind. 

This was Carson's feast on Kylee's birthday. He ate about
a quarter of the pizza.  

Also, Daniel celebrated his 34th birthday with room service and a decadent
dessert.  The kids made him birthday cards and Kylee gave him her 
world's best foot massage :)