Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vaux le Vicomte

For me, this picture capture's my Kylee girl's child like innocence
and wonder. I love her so much!

 They were pretty excited to dress the "part" while touring around the chateau.

 This is quite the entry-way to your home. Very majestic.
 Carson being Carson! You gotta love that goof ball :) He is willing to do almost anything to get a laugh!
At first, I wasn't sure what that black stain, but then I realized it was made from
the burning candles of the past.  Pretty cool to think who walked these
candle-lit hallways.

Some professional pictures that do the chateau better justice than I did:)
As with any beautiful chateau in France, comes something interesting to 
tell. It is a wonder what pride and envy can do to a man.
The scandal behind this beautiful and ornate chateau made me want to 
punch King Louis in the face..ok not really.

This was one of our fun day trips while living
at the hotel in Paris. Definitely nice to get away and see
some of the sites France has to offer.