Sunday, January 6, 2013


 Kylee and Carson have now been in the Maternelle for 4 months. 
 It has been an adventure for us all, especially them!
 Kylee and Carson were both really excited to go to school
on the first day, and then that excitement was replaced by 
apprehension, fear, and lots of crying for the next two months.  Daily
we expressed our amazement to them of how
brave we thought they were.  I had many "gouters" the french
snack time/playdates for them so they could make friends.
Other French mom's have been so helpful
and friendly as well, allowing us to feel more integrated.
 Carson goes to school from 8:30-11:30, and
he has a couple of classmates who speak English.
He transitioned pretty quickly, and the teacher says
he talks a lot to everybody even though they 
can't understand him.  He understands more French now, 
so we count that as a success ;)
 Kylee took a little longer to transition, but she is such a trooper!
We had quite a few many rough days for all of us. It's difficult to move and be the new student
somewhere, but even more difficult when you can't speak
or understand the language! She is incredible! 

She goes to school from 8:30 until
4:30- thats 8 hours of French! She understands very well, and when she speaks
the language she sounds fantastic. When Daniel and I are practicing our French
she will occasionally chime in with the correct pronunciation. 


  1. Carson and Kylee are amazing! School can be hard enough without having a language barrier. I'm so impressed with them and sticking with something hard. That will be so neat when they are both fluent in French. Ben is already jealous that they are going to be smarter than our kids. :)

    I can't believe Kylee goes for 8 hours! What a trooper. I'm so proud of both of them and they aren't even my kids.

    Can't wait to hear them both speak French some day. They are going to start picking it up quickly, I'm sure. Best of luck to you all.

    1. We are hoping to come back to the states sometime in July, if you guys are around we'd love to get together! Hope all is going well in the new home!

  2. Its still crazy to me that they go to the French school but so awesome for them! I'm glad that its finally a little bit better.