Monday, November 12, 2012

summer vacation part 2...

 Our trek to Mont St. Michel, was almost all
we could take with the three kids. Quite a bit of walking
from the parking lot to the bus that then 
transports to Mont St. Michel.
 Despite the long walk and tired feet, the children
did pretty good...for the most part.

 Hanging out at the campsite...the kids are getting ready
to go swimming.
 Kylee gave paddleboating a valiant effort.  Her and Carson
even tried paddling the crew. It was entertaining.
 It made me nervous to have Owen sit here, even though
he has a life jacket on.  He is just so busy, and I was 
afraid he was going to fall off the boat.
The bird show here was very entertaining. It is a good 
use of the Chateau's property.

 Another day trip was an outing to Dinan. We
let Kylee and Carson pick out any flavor of 
gelato they wanted. They both chose
bubble gum flavor...definitely not my
first choice, but they LOVED it!
 The Brittany area of France is known for the crepes,
so we decided it would be wise to stop at least at one
creperie. All was very delicious!
 Our last stop on the way home was Omaha Beach.
A place of great reflection and gratitude for those
that lost their lives for our precious freedoms.

Friday, November 9, 2012

recap of summer break part 1

 We heard about Keycamp through some friends of ours, and
we decided to go check it out.  The kids LOVED it!! It is
pretty much a camping resort with a plethora of activities
for all ages. If you wanted you could stay there all 
day and not even leave.
 We stopped off at the aquarium in St. Malo. They have
a submarine ride at this aquarium. Each
family got their separate mini-submarine in which you
boarded. It has a window that opens up and you ride 
around in a circle checking out the fish life. It kinda made
me a little claustrophobic.  
 After the aquarium we checked out St. Malo. It is called 
the pirate city, and we had fun walking around and exploring.

 Kylee's crepe was INCREDIBLE! Warm, gooey, melt in your mouth
salted caramel crepe.

 On our way back we drove along the coast, and found
a little beach spot to pull off and let the kids play.
It was a nice break.
 Carson and Kylee are quite the little playmates. 
They have their moments, but it is fun to 
watch them play together and actually
enjoy one another's company...which
doesn't always happen.
 A daily activity was riding bikes and scooter around the camp.
We were fortunate to have beautiful weather and only
one rainy day. 
 Enjoying a round of put put golf. Kylee enjoyed the game,
but Carson lost interest after the 9th hole.

 Enjoying a meal together.
 One day we decided to drive around dol de bretagne,
and we found this mountain top village. We hiked up a little
hill to have this spectacular view. 
 Carson was quite the Mr. Grumpy Pants, and
this is the face we were so fortunate to see for
the majority of the day.
 All I can say is that Owen is the 
perfect traveler! He is a very active and in to
everything baby, but he also just goes 
with the flow.  He is truly a joy and brings many smiles daily!
 I can't get enough of his smiles!
 Kylee is getting into posing for the camera more.
It's cute to see what she comes up with.  Here we are in 
down town dol de bretagne.  Very quaint and charming!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Disneyland Paris

Kylee, Carson, Owen, and I experienced
Disneyland for the first time together in Paris. Daniel
is an experienced Disneylander (if that is even a word). He has
been to California Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. So he was 
a great guide :)
 We were extremely happy to have the Arnold Family
with us. They are sooo great with kids, and we love them!
So glad they are here experiencing this adventure too!
 Sleeping beauty's castle
 At the Buzz Light Year Pizza Buffet.
 Our little Frenchie...he is a baguette baby for sure!

 Kylee and Carson really wanted to be the drivers.
We hopped in, but as soon as they started driving they
decided they didn't want to be the drivers. The cars
are not easy to maneuver. 

 Carson was really trying to pull the sword from the stone.
 Owen was great. Here he is with Brieana
 Enjoying the night parade

 We liked Disneyland so much that we decided to get 
year passes. We went back a second time, and plan on going
again soon.

 The children's favorite ride is "It's a small world." 
It was the first ride they wanted to do when we returned to
Disneyland the second time.

 The Alice and Wonderland Maze

These two both agree that Disneyland is one of 
the happiest places on Earth!